We Build Websites

Stern Data Solutions develops and builds websites to solve business problems, built on industry standard, open source platforms like WordPress and Drupal. These are more than content engines: They are tools for communicating your message and brand.

Check the sidebar for a list of web sites built by Stern Data Solutions.

Complete Website Solutions

Stern Data Solutions is a part of What A Great Website, talented SEO experts, graphic designers, branding specialists and web copy writers, so we can bring whatever skills are necessary to build you the right site. We will also train you to use your new site and, if you wish, maintain it for you on an ongoing basis. We don’t just slide your website under the door — we stick around to make sure you’re happy with it and it works for you.

Built with Appropriate Technologies

You do not need to be a techie to update or add content to the sites we build. We pick the content management system (CMS) most appropriate for your situation, now and in the foreseable future. Our preferred CMS are Drupal and WordPress. These two systems power millions of websites. You manage your content filling out forms, so you can manage it on a day to day basis without any knowledge of HTML or website operations. WordPress and Drupal sites can function as blogs, classic “brochure” sites, social networking sites, or any combination thereof. SternData can build a site that meets your needs now and is flexible enough to work for you tomorrow, too. If you’re interested in testing out WordPress on your own, visit my other WordPress site.

We Fix Websites, too

Has your developer disappeared? Does your website have problems or maybe you just need someone to “take a look” and fix up some stuff? Call Steve.

Consulting and Strategy

Small businesses generally cannot afford a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Steve has served in strategic roles, in association management, in the small-to-medium business segment, and in higher education, focusing on Delivering Strategic Technology.

Stern Data Solutions

I’m Steven Stern. I’m in Chicago, but the Internet goes everywhere. If you’d like to discuss these or any other services from Stern Data Solutions, call me. Thanks!