So, what’s new?

I started off 2020 in a new mode, “retired gentleman”. People seem to think that this is some major transition and ask “What will you do with yourself?” Well, pretty much the same stuff I’ve been doing, except for the part about building & maintaining websites for other people. Oh, and riding my bicycle, too.

Where can I get a website?

https://whatagreatwebsite.net WOW What a Great Website!
You deserve a great website!

As you might expect, I recommend What A Great Website, talented SEO experts, graphic designers, branding specialists and web copy writers, so we can bring whatever skills are necessary to build you the right site. They will also train you to use your new site and, if you wish, maintain it for you on an ongoing basis. They don’t just slide your website under the door — they stick around to make sure you’re happy with it and it works for you. If you need a website, contact them.

What if you ask me to do web site work?

Link to XKCD.COM

Blog much?

Sure, I throw a lot of stuff up on Twitter. Maybe it’s time to revive the “technical” blog on this site.

Stern Data Solutions


About This Website

This website has been around, in one form or another, since 2002. It started out as an HTML site built with Dreamweaver, then quickly became at WordPress site. At some point, I converted it to Drupal, then in 2014, converted it back to WordPress.

Info about the current site:

Where should you be hosting your site?

If you need your own server and like doing Linux system administration, you’ll love Digital Ocean. On the other hand, most of my clients don’t need anything so elaborate. WordPress managed hosting is just fine, and for that I recommend Dreamhost.

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