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Stern Data Solutions develops and builds websites to solve business problems, built on the industry standard, open source platform WordPress.  It is more than a content engine: It is a tool for communicating your message and brand.

Complete Website Solutions

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You deserve a great website!

Stern Data Solutions is a part of What A Great Website, talented SEO experts, graphic designers, branding specialists and web copy writers, so we can bring whatever skills are necessary to build you the right site. We will also train you to use your new site and, if you wish, maintain it for you on an ongoing basis. We don’t just slide your website under the door — we stick around to make sure you’re happy with it and it works for you.

Built with Appropriate Technologies

You don’t need special web knowledge update or add content to the sites we build. Editing or creating content is a lot like using Word, so you can manage it on a day to day basis without any knowledge of HTML or website operations. We specialize in a the content management system (CMS) appropriate for your situation, now and in the foreseable future. Our preferred CMS is WordPress.  It powers millions of websites — the current guesstimate is that WordPress runs over 30% of all websites, with an over 50% market share among CMS sites.  WordPress sites can function as blogs, classic “brochure” sites, social networking sites, e-commerce or any combination thereof. SternData can build a site that meets your needs now and is flexible enough to work for you tomorrow, too.

Stern Data Solutions

I’m Steven Stern. I’m in Chicago, but the Internet goes everywhere. If you’d like to discuss your website call me. Thanks!


About This Website

This website has been around, in one form or another, since 2002. It started out as an HTML site built with Dreamweaver, then quickly became at WordPress site. At some point, I converted it to Drupal, then in 2014, converted it back to WordPress.

Info about the current site:

Where should you be hosting your site?

If you need your own server and like doing Linux system administration, you’ll love Digital Ocean. On the other hand, most of my clients don’t need anything so elaborate. WordPress managed hosting is just fine, and for that I recommend Dreamhost.

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