5 reasons you should be using Twitter

Conversations about Twitter

When I talk to businesses, networkers, or friends about Twitter, I usually hear something like, “I don’t get Twitter. Who cares what I’m eating for breakfast?”. I’m good with that — I don’t care what you had for breakfast.

The second thing I hear is “And who would follow me anyway”? Granted, you’re not Aston Kutcher. (Who would have thought? Was That 70s Show such a big deal?)

But that’s not what Twitter is about when you’re a business or a networker who’s looking to expand your online footprint. Twitter is a way to publish, immediately and broadly, content on the Internet. Twitter is a way of handing out your business card.

Why should you use Twitter?

  1. Twitter is a tool that distributes your content on the internet.
  2. Twitter is the cheapest search engine optimization tool you can get. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have because Google, Bing, and other search engines read all tweets.
  3. Each tweet adds to your online presence and, if you include a link to your web site, increases its rank in search results.
  4. Tweets that relate to what you do increase your chance of being found in searches.
  5. Relevant, thoughtful, and occasionally humorous tweets increase your social reputation and help establish you as a though leader.

By the way, in case you care, I prefer Trader Joe’s Organic Os for breakfast. Follow me on Twitter.