8 Simple Tips for WordPress SEO

Eight simple SEO tips:

(1) Use a good SEO Plugin like http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/

(2) When dropping images onto a page, make sure you use alt and title tags and make them actually useful information.

(3) Post and page titles should contain the really relevant keywords.

(4) Use permalinks so the page title is reflected in the URL.

(5) If your page is organized in a hierarchy of ideas, use H2 for the first main idea, H3 for the details of that idea, etc.  Keywords are important here, too.

(6) Make your content relevant and try to keep pages/posts centered around just a couple of ideas

(7) Check your snippet and override if necessary. Use the Yoast plugin for this.

(8) Cross link the pages on your site and use the linked text to provide additional keywords. Never use “click here” as the link.