AT&T and the iPhone


The New York Times reports Customers Angered as iPhones Overload AT&T.  Really?  Actually, it’s not all that bad here in Chicago, but when a 3G cell gets saturated, data speeds drop to nothing. My big gripe is that voice mail often loses touch with the phone.  I get no indication of a failed call or voice mail until I reboot my phone and it suddenly discovers 4 messages.

Back to the article:


AT&T’s right to be the exclusive carrier for iPhone in the United States has been a golden ticket for the wireless company. The average iPhone owner pays AT&T $2,000 during his two-year contract — roughly twice the amount of the average mobile phone customer.

And the bad news

The company has also delayed bandwidth-heavy features like multimedia messaging, or text messages containing pictures, audio or video. It is also postponing “tethering,” which allows the iPhone to share its Internet connection with a computer, a standard feature on many rival smartphones.

At the same time, ATT is now promoting netbooks, as well as 3G "modems" for notebooks. What effect are they going to have on the network and will they cause ATT to further delay tethering?  And why do I get either 0 or 5 bars at my desk?

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  1. hope the rumors are ture and I-Phone makes a deal Verizon because AT&T sucks. There isn’t ever service.

    1. i agree iphone needs to make the move to the red network!!! not exactly sure where they get their stats but when i was on verizon i never dropped a call and now that im on the orange network i drop all the time!!! verizon please get the iphone asap!!!

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