In a bar – coded, that is.

We walked by the Army Navy store today on the way to Bakin’ & Eggs for brunch. The Army Navy store is not the sort of place you would associate with high tech, or any tech, for that matter.  Nothing’s changed in the windows for about 10 years and I’ve never seen anyone go in or out.  But, on the window, they had a bar coded sign.  Pointing my trusty iPhone at it with the QRMARK decoder app, it turned out to be a link to their website.  They’ve made the jump from mail order to online. Cool.

qrcodeA bit of googling later, and I’ve got my own matrix that encodes my email signature.  I’m not exactly sure what I might do with this, or what you might do with it, but there it is.  According to Wikipedia, this is really hot stuff in Japan.