Call The Grammar Cop

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badgeIt’s a harsh and judgmental world out there.  When you’re making your presence known on the web, people have little to judge you by other than the quality of your writing.  Punctuation counts. Spelling counts. Using the right word (not just a correctly spelled one) counts.  Remember, the Grammar Cops are out there waiting to pounce.

Rules of posting:

  1. Spell check.
  2. Check your punctuation.
  3. Check that you used the right words.
  4. Look for missing words.
  5. It’s vs. its; they’re vs. there vs. their.  Pay attention to that.
  6. When in doubt, check a style guide like Strunk & White, the AP Style Guide, or the Chicago Manual of Style.

You will be judged.

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  1. I just happened to look at your website after I googled you from the #wordpress support chatroom. By the way, thanks for the help. I had this page up for 10 years: It pretty much slaps spell check in the face, but I agre with you, Look what happened to poor Dan Quayle..

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