Call via VOIP and save your minutes

If you’re like me (and, really, who isn’t?), you push the limits of your mobile minutes every month. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get around that?  Google can be your friend.

If you use Google Voice, you can make and receive calls for free through your WiFi only devices (e.g., iPad, Kindle Fire) using the Google Hangout app. On an iPhone, calling from the Google Voice app makes a call through your carrier, using minutes, but making a call through the Hangout app uses VOIP, so it’s just data (and therefore, minute free).

If your computer has a microphone and speaker, you can make and receive calls directly from the computer when you have hangouts enabled.  Yeah, you can do multiple-party video calls in Hangouts, but sometimes all you need is POTS*.

*Plain Old Telephone Service