Chrome Dev Tools

How do I change the font size? Why is the background blue?  These are questions easily answered through the Chrome Developer Tools. Anyone wanting to do any customization of a web site needs to be familiar with them.

Updated April 30, 2017:  This is the presentation given at WordCamp Chicago.  Thanks to the many people who came to the presentation and offered comments and compliments!

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Building a Website for a Chicago Public School

 These are the slides for my presentation at Drupal Camp Chicago 2012.  In this non-technical session, I talked about developing the site requirements, identifying the content creators and audience, and how we built a successful website.  I also touched on the difficulties in handing off a site when there’s no one to handle the technical administrative side of things like updating modules, managing users, etc. And, I gave a big shout out to views.



Social Media for Non-Profits

Do non-profit organizations need to use social media?  Of course they do.  This presentation covers the basics of any social media strategy and an overview of how to present a non-profit brand and message via social media.

The basics are:

  • Develop a communications plan
  • Set goals
  • Execute
  • Evaluate

[slideshare id=10096788&doc=socialmediafornonprofits-111109185255-phpapp02]

Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader via Social Media

Social media tools offer you the opportunity to establish yourself as a "thought leader", a person recognized as either an expert in or guide to a particular field. Thought leadership is a tool to help you become recognized in a job search, position yourself for a promotion, or to promote your projects and plans.


[slideshare id=9191105&doc=establishyourselfasathoughleaderthroughsocialmedia-110909065833-phpapp02]

Business Strategy drives IT Strategy and IT decisions

As the leader of an small not-for-profit organization, how do you evaluate your organization’s Information Technology? My proposition is that you start with this one question: How does our IT serve our strategic plan? Everything flows from that question.

Your strategy was created to serve your mission, and your technology is there to operationalize the strategy. As you add or remove elements of your technology, you score according to their contribution to that strategy.

What hardware and software do you need? That’s driven by the data you need for that strategy, as well. Data drives the specific technology decisions.

On July 21, 2011, I spoke about developing a technology strategy to a group of not-for-profit leaders at a meeting sponsored by Good Works Connect, on behalf of Lumity, It was the hottest day of the summer in Mattoon, IL, but we had a great discussion.

[slideshare id=8818239&doc=20110721-community-fdns-presentation-110810090815-phpapp01]

How do Drupal and WordPress Compare?

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The key take away is that for many things both can do the job, but Drupal scales to greater complexity.

[slideshare id=8338700&doc=20110617-tla-managers-drupal-wordpress-110617112704-phpapp01]

A presentation at the TLA Managers meeting from June 17, 2011.  An auspicious day — Happy Birthday, Mom. Happy Birthday, Aaron.