When will CNN call?

In the new world of blogging, you have to believe that fame and fortune are just a few clicks away. One of the site search services will pick up your stuff, it hits the search engines like Technorati and pow, you’re being quoted on CNN.

This E-Week column talks about how the blog ping services work and why my 15 minutes probably aren’t coming soon.

Is Microsoft Afraid of Google?

It’s good when a professor at Wharton finds himself agreeing with me.

“What Google wants to do is strategically decrease people’s reliance on Microsoft. It’s as simple as that,” says Wharton management professor Raphael Amit. Why Is Microsoft Afraid of Google? – Knowledge@Wharton

Despite the vague content of and tepid reception to the Google/Sun announcement (a toolbar, for goodness sakes), I think there’s something long term to it. Google wants to rule the world, but not in any evil way.

John Dvorak, of course, disagrees.

eWEEK reviews StarOffice 8

E-Week’s review of Star Office (eWEEK Labs Review – StarOffice) is generally right, but misses one point that makes it impossible for me to use OpenOffice as my normal word processor. It’s next to impossible to do a merge to email in OpenOffice. Allegedly, this can work if one installs several proprietary Sun Java packages. So far, it has not worked. I invested several hours in this, then gave up, went back to Word, and got done what I needed to do in about two minutes.

There has to be more to it than “It’s an alternative to Microsoft and almost as good.”

Opera is now free

On the heels of Symatec’s warning that Firefox is not a security panacea, Opera is now offering their full browser as freeware.

The two events are probably not related, but their timing is excellent.

Autombile GPS

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A friend loaned me his Garmin StreetPilot for a long car trip we took last week. OK, I’m sold. So now I’m not sure on what to buy. The Street Pilot i5 is the latest from Garmin. It has voice navigation, isn’t too expensive, and is preloaded with all of North America. It lacks the features of the more expensive Street Pilot 2620 that I just used, but I can’t see paying $500 more for the additional features.

I need to find a GPS gadget geek website!

Symantec: Mozilla browsers more vulnerable than IE

Mozilla Web browsers are potentially more vulnerable to attack than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, according to a Symantec report,
says CNET News in the article Symantec: Mozilla browsers more vulnerable than IE | CNET News.com.

But I think this is the kicker: There is one caveat: Symantec counts only those security flaws that have been confirmed by the vendor. According to security monitoring company Secunia, there are 19 security issues that Microsoft still has to deal with for Internet Explorer, while there are only three for Firefox.

So, while there may *have been* more flaws, if one is fully patched and up to date, I read this as there are fewer *active* flaws in Mozilla browsers.

AT&T Outage – Telefonica “oops!”

This site and other CCIM sites were offline for a while today. Of course, we first thought it was our problem. After tearing up a lot of time and effort and emotion, we found the problem was outside our network. The Internet Storm Center reported that the problem was that another ISP was “claiming” IP addresses that belong to AT&T.

Just a small typo and it took down a big chunk of the ‘net for an hour.