Desktop Search Revisited

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It’s been a while since I wrote about desktop search programs.

I had been using Copernic, but stopped using it when the free version no longer applied to non-home users. (We’re a non-profit, but we are a commercial user.)

I then switched to Google desktop search (GDS), which worked very well, with one exception to be noted later, on both Windows and Linux. I’m now using Windows Desktop Search on the Windows machine. Because it’s fully integrated with Outlook 2007, it serves most of my needs.

My preference, however, is the Google search simply because I’m used to the Google syntax and logic.

GDS problems:

  • (Windows) The problem is that the current version breaks the ability to open .msg attachments within Outlook. That is, if a message is forwarded to me as an attachment, Google Desktop Search makes it unreadable. After removing GDS, a message attachment behaves normally.
  • (Linux) Google provides a plugin for Thunderbird mail to allow it to index messages. The plugin causes Thunderbird to use 100% of the processor and, eventually, crash. The plugin has not been updated for quite a while.
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