Dynamic sidebar height and responsive themes

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In another post, I listed the javascript to be used in a WordPress text widget to ensure that a sidebar had the same height as a page’s content. This is a nice feature if the sidebar has a background color. When the theme is responsive, the sidebar drops to the bottom, below the main content, so it should be sized to fit its own content, not that of the main content area. All it takes is a bit of javascript that checks the current page width.

Note: This snippet uses element names based on the TwentyTwelve theme layout. If you’re using different theme, you may need to pick different elements.

<!-- this must be the last widget. It dynamically sizes the sidebar -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var divh = document.getElementById('primary').clientHeight;
var sb1 = document.getElementById('secondary').clientHeight;
document.write(" ");
if ((sb1 < divh) && (document.getElementById('page').clientWidth > 600)) {

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  1. I’ve found that this doesn’t work well because the javascript will be executed before the page is fully loaded. Thus, the sidebar height may be too short. It works best if the script wrapped inside a funcation and enqueued like any other script in WordPress and the body tag is modified to add “onload=”javascript:function_name();”

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