Encryption, validation, and Public Key Infrastructure

I’ve just set up a new computer at the office and despite a careful archive of all downloaded installation files, I’ve lost the files necessary to install the commercial version of PGP. It turns out that the commercial PGP is not really necessary anymore. I’ve used these tools:

  • Windows Privacy Tray (WinPT): WinPT provides an icon in the system tray that allows you to edit keys and encrypt/decrypt/sign the contents of the clipboard or the current window. It included GPG.
  • Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG): GPG is the core of the encryption program. This is a command line tool. With WinPT, using it at the command line is completely optional. I installed GPG after WinPT because the version supplied with WinPT is not the most current.
  • Enigmail: Enigmail integrates GPG with the Mozilla Thunderbird mail program.