Evernote: I get it!

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in7BPS.Lel1EI’ve had Evernote on my phone for a long time, using it to send lists of things from my desktop to the phone, like all of my frequent flier, hotel, and rental car numbers. And, before a trip, I’d paste the itinerary mailed by Orbitz into a new note, so it would be available on both the phone and notebook as I traveled. Today, I had one of those forehead slapping experiences. As Homer would say, “D’oh!”

I had a couple of ideas for blog pieces. I was going to email them to myself, but I know that email, once read, falls off the mind’s radar. Instead, I created a new note in Evernote called “Blog Ideas”. Now, I have a couple of to-do lists, notes for iPhone apps, if I ever learn how to make them, and a few more things. As a side benefit, this will reduce the amount of shredded paper that shows up in the dryer’s lint screen — the inevitable product of little notes I stuff into my pockets.

How do you use Evernote?

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