Going back to Copernic


I’m back to Copernic from Google Desktop. As I wrote a few days ago, I like the Google Sidebar, but I ran into Outlook related problems. First, when the new GDS indexed mail, Outlook removed the little envelope icon in the system tray that indicates new mail has arrived. Second (and more important), our voicemail system is integrated with Outlook. As GDS indexed mail on this IMAP account, new voicemails were marked as read. I could live with this within Outlook, but the integration is such that it also turns off the red light on my phone that indicates I have voicemail. It was quite a surprise to find 10 unheard messages! (My apologies if one was yours.) So, my current personal recommendation for a desktop search tool is Copernic Desktop Search.

2 Replies to “Going back to Copernic”

  1. Steve-are you able to make CDS index and retreive PDF’s that were created from scanned in docs?

  2. As far as I can tell, scanned PDFs are treated as one big image file. That is, Copernic doesn’t do OCR on the contents.

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