Going to Realcomm?


Going to Realcomm? I’ll be at the CIO panel and OSCRE meetings.

Realcomm 2007

REmagination – New Technology, New Ideas, New Times!

June 3-5, Hynes Convention Center, Boston

For 2 1/2 dynamic days, real estate leaders from around the globe will discuss and debate the toughest challenges facing the commercial and corporate real estate industries and explore the newest technologies to solve these challenges. With more than 30 Educational Sessions and 100 industry solutions providers, Realcomm is the premier Business Solutions and Building Automation Conference. Join us as we REmagine the future and create a roadmap to take the real estate industry from “that’s the way we’ve always done it,” to “If there’s a better way, bring it on!”. New “Broker Innovation Symposium” added! Register today at www.realcomm.com.

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  1. I had fun. The stuff on smart, green buildings was fascinating. I’m not sure it has much to do with my job, but I found the technology and common sense in the design refreshing. The OSCRE meetings were interesting; the Real Unique Property Identifier (RUPID) will have be an interesting bit that, when implemented, could be the sharp end of a wedge of disruptive technology akin to suddent growth of mashups we’re now seeing.

    I haven’t seen many posts from other attendees.

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