How are you reading the web?

How are you reading the web? Way back in the day it was considered radical to suggest that any significant portion of the browsing public would use anything that wasn’t pre-installed on their computer, and that would be Internet Explorer. On the fifth anniversary of Mozilla Firefox, reports that 45.7% of those viewing sites hosted by WordPress are using Firefox. WordPress’ results show:

  1. Firefox: 45.7%
  2. Internet Explorer: 38.7%
  3. Safari: 8.75%
  4. Chrome: 5.2%

The Safari numbers are interesting. Apple has about 7.2 – 8% of the computer market. I’m assuming most the additional hits are coming from iPhone users.

Is the population viewing WordPress hosted sites different from the wider population? It would appear so. Hitslink reports 65% and 24% for Internet Explorer and Firefox, respectively. I don’t know how to evaluate their data collection methodology. For this web site, the numbers are much closer to those reported by WordPress.