iOS 7 Styles: Flat buttons, skinny fonts

In another few days, we’re all going to be in love with or loathing the new look on our iPhones and iPads. iOS7 brings the end of skeuomorphism, sculpted button, and wide fonts.  For those who’ve don’t follow All Things D and TUAW religiously, this means

  • The end of digital things that look like their real world analogues. The most common examples ar the leather-bound look of the calendar in OS/X and the wood-grained shelves of iBooks.
  • The new iOS and OS/X font is Helvetica Nueu, a redrawn sans-serif font.
  • Buttons and app-launching icons are flat: There’s no shading or lighting effects to simulate 3D.

On the web side of things, we’ll be bringing the same effect to our call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

For example, here’s the oh-so-2012 style button

Old Button

And here’s the iOS7 influenced version

New Button