The iPad has not changed my life

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apple-creation-0097-rm-engWell, it’s here.

It would have been good to have a couple more billable hours today, but I used my time to follow two live blogs (Gizmodo, Engadget) of the Event That Will Change Everything, while edging ever closer to the slippery slope of the fanboy. I already have several faded black turtlenecks. I may start wearing my jeans without a belt.

There are a few things keeping me from putting a tent up on Michigan Avenue in front of the Apple store. The iPad doesn’t have a camera. This would be a great tool for on the go video conferencing via Skype. It’s also not clear whether it can, in fact, be used for VOIP applications. It’s also not cheap. How much memory is really needed? It comes with 16, 32, and 64GB at $100 for each bump from base. And the 3G capability is another big chunk of change, even before adding $15 or $30 per month for service.

The big reason to wait is that this is version 1. We all know that a year from now, Steve will be on stage showing off iPad 2.0 and It Will Change Everything.

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