The Joys of Working From Home, Part 1: The Plumbing

2013-11-07 10.48.12Yesterday afternoon, I heard a funny noise coming from an outlet in the first floor bathroom. It was buzzing. Outlets are not supposed to do that. It appeared that the ground fault interrupter part was blowing out.

No problem. Ran over to Menards and got a new one. Removed the old outlet and saw water dribbling out of the outlet box. That’s not good.  There are different pipes for water and electricity and meet they should not.

Yeah, not good.  I went upstairs to check the bathroom above and found water in the cabinet under the sink. The tube that goes from the cold water valve to the faucet was leaking. You’d think that a 98 cent part would last more than 20 years!  Also, you’d think that the LEFT one would be hot and the right cold.  Not always!  I emptied the cabinet, turned off the water, dried things out and threw out all the stuff that was soaked.

Back downstairs, I put in the new outlet. When I turned the power back on, I noticed a small bubble in the paint on the bathroom ceiling. Uh oh. Poked a hole in it…. and that was the start of about 8 gallons of water flowing out over the next 30 minutes. I think we were about an hour or two away from the ceiling coming down in there.

Stay tuned for my next post: The Joys of Working From Home, Part 2:  Hanging Drywall.