Music and the Internet Archive

A collection of links to interesting live music

When viewing music on the Internet Archive, look for the “VBR ZIP” link on the left side of the page. It’s a single .zip file that contains the entire live music presentation as variable bit rate MP3 files. Download, unzip, and you’ve got the entire show.

Some recordings are marked “stream only”, which might lead you to think they cannot be downloaded. But they can, and here’s how.

  1. On the left, where it says “listen to audo”, RIGHT CLICK one of the M3U file links. The VBR link will have the best sound.
  2. Save the M3U file to your computer.
  3. A M3U file is a list of sound files that audio players read as a playlist. WGET, a common utility, can read M3U files and download the contents.
    WGET is included with Mac OS/X and most Linux distributions. Windows users can download a free copy from
    Usage: wget -i thefilename.m3u

When done, move the mp3 files into your music directory.


Here’s something really cool from the Internet Archive, Geroge Gershwin playing Rhapsody in Blue (side 1, side 2), recorded in 1924 at Thomas Edison’s studio in Meno Park, N.J.

Part 1


Part 2