My iPhone 4 report

It’s been a bit over 3 weeks since I’ve had my iPhone 4 and it’s a keeper.  That’s not to say it was all sweetness. The first phone I got had issues.  I’d put it next to another iPhone 4 and compare the famous “AT&T Bars”.  I usually had half the bars of the other phone.  The battery was also a bit weak… It would often drain overnight.  Apple swapped the phone at a nearby store and the new one seems to be OK.  There’s still a power issue, but that traces to using push notification for two Exchange Active Synch accounts.  If I have the accounts enabled for push, the phone seems to spend a lot of time and power synching. It’s almost always warm.  Since I changed the synching to manual fetch, the phone is cool and the battery lasts for days, not hours.  I wish there were some happy medium.

The Grip-of-Death issue is real. If I hold the phone in either hand and cover the lower left corner, I can say goodbye to my AT&T signal (and whoever I might be talking to).  My free bumper case is on its way, according to a shipping notice from the Apple store.  It’s going to take about 10 days to get here.  Last time the post office scanned it, it had been sent from Tennessee to Georgia on its way to Chicago.

IMG_0014Face Time is pretty amazing.  It works pretty much like on the commercials.  The key to using it is to hold it in front of and slightly above your face. If you hold it low, you present a double chin and give a nice view up your nostrils.  It also has a gyroscope. I’m not sure what there is to do with it yet. There’s a gyroscope app, but what’s the point of that?  It’s bound to be integrated into something, soon.