Our heads (and servers) in the clouds

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The SternData web server is now operating in the cloud — Amazon's Elastic Cloud 2, to be exact.  From the time I logged into Amazon's AWS Management Console until I had this server up and running was about 1.5 hours, and most of that was used uploading data from the old server.  Best of all, this service is provided free, at least for the first year.

I selected the basic 32 bit Linux server (t1.micro) and installed MySQL locally.  The package includes use of Amazon's database cloud and investigating that is on the to-do list.  The dynamic IP address is managed by ddclient and dyndns.com.

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  1. Checking the account status page, I discovered $1.88 in charges.  When creating an instance, the default is "Amazon Linux (small)". It turns out that's not the service that qualifies for the free tier.  The trick is to edit the instance before starting it and change "small" to "micro".  Micro is free, small is not.  In any case, I made a snapshot, created a micro instance from the snapshot, then terminated the original small instance. 

    Micro instances provide 613 MB of memory and support 32-bit and 64-bit platforms on both Linux and Windows. This review finds  the Micro instances highly cost effective.

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