Re-Hosted (updated)

I’m phasing out my micro hosting site on Amazon Web Services. There have been a couple of instances lately where there were too many web queries, causing the system to run out of memory.  So, we’re now hosting on a 1GB memory virtual machine somewhere in a cloud center near DFW. 

For those who care, it’s a XEN HVM running Centos 6.2, hosted at Thrust::VPS.


Update: 12/22

So far, so good. There are a few bumps at Thrust::VPS aka Damn::VPS aka :ioMart

  • One time when the VPS went offline and tech support had to bring it back.
  • There is a timeout getting to from the VPS.  Every other web site is OK. Tech support is baffled, as am I. It may have something to do with routing.
  • The network card doesn’t work with the latest kernel (2.6.32-220) from CentOS.  This seems to be a CentOS bug and has been reported through their tracking system.
  • There’s some difficulting getting the rDNS set properly.  Tech support is working on it.