Redhat releases version 6, thanks Fedora Community

Redhat has released Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.  This note from Redhat to the Fedora user community mailing list helps explain the relationship between Redhat and Fedora:

Following on last week's successful F14 launch that we did together. This week, Red Hat launched Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. This is an exciting event not only for RH-ers but also for our co-contributors in Fedora.

For this reason, I wanted to deliver some personal kudos directly to the Fedora community. Lots of Fedora contributors can see their direct influence in shaping and co-developing of the best Linux in the world. We are proud to be able to work side-by-side with our community members in Fedora. The benefits of open source collaboration converge in Fedora where the confluence of upstream, community and industry come together.

This is the first Fedora -> RHEL major release in which the community members have had full access to all areas of the distro. This level of transparency has resulted is our most feature complete and robust release to date. Not only is RHEL stronger for it, but Fedora and its community directly benefits also. A win-win situation.

Take a look at free video drivers for instance. Since demanding Fedora users have so many variations in hardware, and participated in reporting issues, the drivers improved far faster than would be possible in RHEL. The same applies to more enterprise type features like virtualization. Common tools that apply across many different types of user or workload have come a long way, because of community participation. We're proud to keep working alongside the community to keep making these features stronger.

Thank you, Fedora contributors, users and fans worldwide. You are an awesome team and its great fun to be doing it together.

Tim Burke
Vice President, RHEL Engineering

— announce mailing list