In the rush to finish a website, don’t forget these things….

It seems like these things always get pushed to the end of my projects and get done at the last minute. I’m posting here to (1) say it out loud so I get it in my head earlier in the process and (2) see what everyone leaves till the end.

1. 301 Redirects

Typically, we’re rebuilding an old site. Whether it’s converting an old WP site or bringing a site full of .htm and .html files to WordPress, URLs are changing. People have those old URLs bookmarked and Google has them indexed. It’s necessary to redirect old links so they don’t wind up as 404s. I use the plugin “Simple 301 Redirects” ( because it is so simple. It does just one thing and does it well.

2. Favicon / Touch Icon

This is another small thing that makes big difference on a site. A nice favicon helps distinguish a site and it’s amazing what can be done in 256 pixels. It’s also important to have a nice “Apple Touch Icon”, a larger (75px or 150px square) image used for bookmarking a web page on iDevices and other smartphones/tablets. I like “All in One Favicon” ( for putting these on a site.

What’s in your last minute scramble?