Skype, Day 1

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I’m interested in seeing if the Institute can move some of its voice traffic, especially the international calls, to internet telephony. Over the weekend, I sent out a message to our membership asking about Skype and the response was enthusiastic. Many members are using it and many more are interested. Thus, this blog.

Over the next week or so, I’ll investigate add-ons like Skype-In, Skype Voice Mail, and Skype-Out. For now, it’s an experiment with the basics.

I downloaded Skype version 2.0, plugged in a Plantronics 200 USB headset and a Logitech 4000 camera, and installed the software. It works like a charm. The only trick is that I had to go into each application that used audio and tell it which audio system (built-in sound card or headset) to use.

My first call went to a CCIM member who’s listed as working in Chicago. We had a very clear conversation, even though he was sitting at his computer in the British Virgin Islands!

Check back over the next few days. I’ll be posting notes in the “skype” category here.

Oh, and Skype Me!

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  1. Steve;
    Yes it works like a charm. Many small businesses are using Skype as well as large enterprises. I will also be checking back over the next few days to read about the rest of the Skype product trajectory and background.
    As the product evangelist for Verosee, I would love your opinion on what we have accomplished to extend the value of Skype via the use of workspaces and collaboration.
    Thanks, Jim

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