Social Media Metrics

I've written before about social media metrics.  Klout is a live (more or less) indicator of my influence in and on the twittersphere. Peerindex measures influence and reach, too.  I think both interesting measures influence in the twittersphere.  Twitsprout is for the more compulsive among us.

I've put a live widget in the left sidebar of the home page that displays both my Klout score and my PeerIndex.

For those interested,  here's the code for the block:


<p align="center">
    <iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="59px" scrolling="no" src="" style="border:0;" width="120"></iframe>
function block_peerIndex($user) {
    $url = "".$user."&api_key=your_api_key_here";
    $str = file_get_contents($url);
    $json = json_decode (  $str, true );
    if (isset($json['error'])) {
          echo "PeerIndex API Error: " ,$json['error'];
          return false;
    echo "<p style="text-align:center;">";
    echo "<a href='".$json['url']."'><img src=''    border=0 width=73 height=73 align=center></a>n";
    echo  "<br>",$json['name'],"'s (<a href='".$json['twitter'],"'>",$json['slug'],"</a>) PeerIndex is ";
    echo "<b>",$json['peerindex'],"</b><br>n";    
    echo "Get the full story on <a href='".$json['slug']."'>PeerIndex</a>.";
    echo "</p>n";
    return true;
$result = block_peerIndex("sds52");