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Until I put up this blog, I had no idea what blogspam was. Now, I get 15-20 “comments” posted each week to items on this site. Usually, they’re a list porn sites or sites for erectile disfunction. (I guess you use the latter if the former doesn’t help.)

Thanks to the good people at Akismet, I don’t have to do much about it. But this is yet one more thing that pollutes the e-world.

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  1. I know how you feel man I was getting spam on some of my old blog posts and it wasnt just comments it was also trackback spam. There was some short messages that had over 300 trackback spams on them. Good thing Akismet came around and that there API works with other bloging systems then wordpress.

    O and yes I am just randomly coming to your site thinking of a name for something but had to comment :)

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