Stopping on Yellow

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the red light cameras do not reduce accident rates at troublesome intersections. 

Cameras are said to reduce accidents, but collision records compiled by the Illinois Department of Transportation indicate that accidents increased at many city intersections the year after red-light cameras were installed. In fact slightly more intersections saw an increase than a decrease.

I am making an effort to stop on yellow.  A yellow light lasts exactly three seconds in Chicago* and it’s hard to overcome years of habit. When I see the light go yellow and I’m near the corner, my right foot wants to push the accelerator, not pump the brake.  I’m trying! If you’re behind me, please consider the possibility that I might stop.

It has become the norm for two cars to go through the intersection after the light goes to a hard red.  We have to stop that and therefore, even though the cameras are solely there for revenue, I support the idea of the cameras and their installation. 


*Is that faster than a New York Minute?