Social Media for Non-Profits

Do non-profit organizations need to use social media?  Of course they do.  This presentation covers the basics of any social media strategy and an overview of how to present a non-profit brand and message via social media.

The basics are:

  • Develop a communications plan
  • Set goals
  • Execute
  • Evaluate

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Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader via Social Media

Social media tools offer you the opportunity to establish yourself as a "thought leader", a person recognized as either an expert in or guide to a particular field. Thought leadership is a tool to help you become recognized in a job search, position yourself for a promotion, or to promote your projects and plans.


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What can you blog about?

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OK, you’re going to start a blog. The first post is easy.  It’s the post where you lay out your reasons for starting a blog. The second one sort of writes itself, too, because it’s been perking around in your mind for weeks. Where do you go from there?

Your daily life provides the material. It’s not so much the details of your life, but your thoughts about them.


  • What did you read today?  What did it mean to you?
  • What outraged you today?  What filled you with confidence?
  • What did you do today?
  • Who did you see today?
  • What advice do you have?
  • What lessons could be learned from what you saw or did today?

Just do it!

Learn how to create your own website and blog at

Ghost Writers

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One of the reasons I write this blog is to build my brand as someone who thinks and writes well.  I may not have the best "voice" on the interwebs, but it's mine. I find  myself unreasonably offended by this offer that just  hit my inbox:

Hi I`m [redacted].
We have an idea which we hope will be useful for
We need some links and since there is an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of traditional reciprocal links, we would like to offer you two things:-
1) Some free of charge content for in return for a single link back. We are working with a large team of professional writers. We can get them (at our expense) to write some content for you to publish on You can choose the subject and you have complete control. The content would be unique to – no copy/paste or tricks – and definitely no cost or other commitments for you. All we would ask is that you allow us to include one simple text link back to us towards the end of the content which will hopefully be found by the search engines in the longer term.
2) A 10% discount on any of our services
Please let me know if this would work for you and, if so, what subject you want our writers to cover.

5 reasons you should be using Twitter

Conversations about Twitter

When I talk to businesses, networkers, or friends about Twitter, I usually hear something like, “I don’t get Twitter. Who cares what I’m eating for breakfast?”. I’m good with that — I don’t care what you had for breakfast.

The second thing I hear is “And who would follow me anyway”? Granted, you’re not Aston Kutcher. (Who would have thought? Was That 70s Show such a big deal?)

But that’s not what Twitter is about when you’re a business or a networker who’s looking to expand your online footprint. Twitter is a way to publish, immediately and broadly, content on the Internet. Twitter is a way of handing out your business card.

Why should you use Twitter?

  1. Twitter is a tool that distributes your content on the internet.
  2. Twitter is the cheapest search engine optimization tool you can get. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have because Google, Bing, and other search engines read all tweets.
  3. Each tweet adds to your online presence and, if you include a link to your web site, increases its rank in search results.
  4. Tweets that relate to what you do increase your chance of being found in searches.
  5. Relevant, thoughtful, and occasionally humorous tweets increase your social reputation and help establish you as a though leader.

By the way, in case you care, I prefer Trader Joe’s Organic Os for breakfast. Follow me on Twitter.

You need a networking website

Every networking list I’m on and every networking seminar I attend tells me that I need to establish a personal brand for myself.  I’ve got my tag line ready — Strategic Information Technology Management.  What’s yours?


How do you get your brand out there?  If you’re reading this, you know.  You need to be on the web.  A website like this is absolutely free and you can set it up for yourself.  Visit my guide at  You’ll have your site up and running, for free, on one of the best web platforms in the world, within 20 minutes. Really.