Chrome Dev Tools

How do I change the font size? Why is the background blue?  These are questions easily answered through the Chrome Developer Tools. Anyone wanting to do any customization of a web site needs to be familiar with them.

Updated April 30, 2017:  This is the presentation given at WordCamp Chicago.  Thanks to the many people who came to the presentation and offered comments and compliments!

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Button, button, who’s got a button?

Next time you’re tempted to create a button using your favorite graphics tool and some javascript to swap images on a hover and click, stop.  It’s really easy to create a button with CSS the CSS Button Generator.  

Check out the buttons on Great Harvest’s home page.  It’s just text and CSS. Once you’ve defined the class and put it into the site’s style sheet, creating a button is as easy as this:

<a class="myButton" href="target.html">Button Text</a>

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