CCIM.NET email on the iPhone

Hah! (As they say on Car Talk.)

There’s still more to write about the iPhone. If you use CCIM.NET email, I’ve put up a guide at CCIM.NET mail works pretty darn well on an iPhone.,

iPhoning it in: Talking to Google

A voice-controlled Google Mobile App was supposed to be out last Friday, then today. Still no sign of it.

See and

Update 11/18 — It’s here. It’s cool. Thanks to my friend Jeff, who emailed the news at 4:15 this morning.

iPhoning it in: Ringtones

On my Motorola Razr, I could make any MP3 file a ringtone. Surely, it should be easier on the iPhone? Not even close. If you're good at using MP3 editing tools, here's one guide. But the point of this note is to point everyone to, a site that lets you upload an MP3, edit it online, then download the ring tone directly into iTunes. Here's a CNET story about it.

iPhoning it in

I’ve done it — joined the Cult of Steve. I got my belated birthday iPhone on Saturday, the first day we could get downtown to the Apple store after the no-upgrade period ended. I’m now happily sending most of my monthly take-home to ATT Mobility.

Apps so far: Urbanspoon, Shazam Google Earth, Easywriter, Evernote, and NYTimes.

Best use of the iPhone:

More as it develops.

Am I too old for an iPhone?

The iPhone me feel very unhip. What I really want is a phone that has enough volume so I can hear who I’m talking to as I walk down the street and a noise canceling system so street noises are filtered out for the person listening on the other end. Thin enough to fit in my pants pocket. Clamshell so the earpiece is near my ear and the mouthpiece near my mouth. A phone. On which to make phone calls.

Walt Mossberg leads the cheers for the all in one device that will lead us to World Peace (with music).