Sweet Home (Page, that is)

web-search-greyWhat should be the on front page of your website?

If your focus is your blog, then make the blog the front page. If, however, you’re not posting regularly and frequently, go for a “static” front page. It doesn’t make much of a difference, SEO-wise, but when people visit your site and see an 6 month old post as the first thing on the home page, they will probably just bounce off — unless you have incredibly compelling content.

People get all wrapped up in Search Engine Optimization. How can I get to be #1 on Google? (Hint: You can’t.)  How do I “own” a keyword across the internet?

Focusing on SEO is the wrong place to start.  Good content is the basis of a good website. Focus on what it takes to attract an audience and use SEO to reinforce that.

Too keyed in to technology

Here’s a slice of life moment that I watched while looking out the front window this morning, sipping coffee and contemplating a memo that needs writing.  There’s a man walking around and around a car parked in front of our house. He’s running his fingers across the tops of the windows and trying each door handle. Is he trying to steal the car?  It’s 9 AM and sunny and he looks frustrated and a bit ticked off, like a guy about to be late for work.  So, probably not.  Then I noticed he had a key fob in his hand and it was clear he was pressing a button on it over and over again.  My bet? The battery is dead.  What do you do when your car key fob is dead?  How about using the attached key?  I could see the dangling key from my window; he couldn’tt see it hanging from his hand.  He’s too used to opening the doors with the button to remember that (1) he has a key and (2) each door has a place in which to put it.  I guess it’s time to open the front door and offer a suggestion.

There’s probably a more general lesson here.