Can roads provide the power for our electric cars?

Where is the power going to come from for the next generation of electric cars? Is in necessary to burn more coal or natural gas or split more atoms? Why not build a road that makes fuel from sunlight for our cars and homes? Solar Roadways, a company in Idaho, has just received federal funding to build a prototype power generating road panel.

Each panel can generate and store electricity, and even melt snow when needed. According to their FAQ, each mile of 4 lane highway produces enough power for 428 houses.

This is some amazing out-of-the-box thinking and probably worthy of far more than the $100,000 that the Department of Transportaion is putting into the project.


Tech talk from Roger McNamee

Roger McNamee, founding partner of Elevation Partners and major investor in Palm, talks about how technology is changing the economy.  Roger makes a lot of money guessing right about technology. Click here to view the presentation

Some  points

  • Disintermediation allows anyone to become an independent operator.
  • The future is on the mobile network
  • Windows is a dead end, social networks are the new medium (although Twitter really doesn’t understand what they have)
  • Redefine success in terms of wha tyou can monetize,
  • Big doesn’t work
  • Aesthetics matter
  • Stay out of the way of giants and do what they can’t do
  • Smartphones are a disruptive technology — at the cost of PCs
  • If you’re going after companies, give them ways to get rid of people
  • If you’re going after consumers, give them ways to be happier or have more time
  • Social networking is giving value to get value
  • You better have a plan!  The idea that web 2.0 tech shouldn’t be planned is wrong.
  • 1/3 of the people in California are on Facebook — it’s where the small guys should advertise
  • Too many people have one morality at home and another at work.
  • A jobless recovery is not a recovery