How Do You Get Started with WordPress?

Branding and Blogging with WordPress | Promoting Your Personal Brand on the InterWebsI build WordPress websites, both “regular” sites and blogs. Are you ready for a web site? Before you invest money in a blog or site, take a minute to set up a free site over at

Use your new site to sketch out the content you want on your site. Then, write your content. So far, easy. Now we come to the hard part — creating new content  on a regular basis. Make the effort and get over the hump. Revise, reconsider, and restart if necessary. Once you and your blog are getting along and enjoying each other, call me to discuss things like design and functionality.

Getting started is always the hardest part. In the words of Pigpen, “Get your hands out of your pockets and turn on your web site.” Or something like that.

Hint: Use to profile your site. What you’re talking about and what you think you’re talking about may be two different things.

Responsive Theme, New Design

The time came to bite the bullet, to ford the stream, to jump the shark, to mangle the metaphor.  The time came to make my website look like something you’d expect from a professionally designed website.  I’d been puttting that off for a long time, but now it’s done.

The site’s theme is based on a free, fully responsive Drupal theme, Professional Theme.  The base theme was very close to my target. I made a few changes to the typography, substituting Open Sans for Droid Sans, modified some of the colors, and not much more.   This is an example of the efficiency that comes from leveraging the Drupal community.

What do you think? Seriously, I’d like to know.  Is the message clear? Is ithe site easy to read and navigate?  Do you sense any call to action?  Please use the comments feature to give me the good and bad.