Xobni: Updated

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A new update to the Xobni beta appeared a couple of days ago. One of the cool things about this beta, something I’ve missed in the overly large betas now practiced by MS and other companies, is the chance to see beta feedback implemented. I’m happy to say that Xobni now supports expected right-click functions as well as copy and paste. My Number 1 unanswered wish right now is speed. There’s a noticeable lag moving from message to message while Xobni does its calculations.

Xobni: Manage your mail

I’m testing Xobni, a tool that analyzes your mail to figure out your own personal network. It also profiles your email activity and those of your contacts. Really cool! The product is currently in beta release. Click on the logo for an invitation to the beta.
Xobni outlook add-in for your inbox

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