Tech talk from Roger McNamee

Roger McNamee, founding partner of Elevation Partners and major investor in Palm, talks about how technology is changing the economy.  Roger makes a lot of money guessing right about technology. Click here to view the presentation

Some  points

  • Disintermediation allows anyone to become an independent operator.
  • The future is on the mobile network
  • Windows is a dead end, social networks are the new medium (although Twitter really doesn’t understand what they have)
  • Redefine success in terms of wha tyou can monetize,
  • Big doesn’t work
  • Aesthetics matter
  • Stay out of the way of giants and do what they can’t do
  • Smartphones are a disruptive technology — at the cost of PCs
  • If you’re going after companies, give them ways to get rid of people
  • If you’re going after consumers, give them ways to be happier or have more time
  • Social networking is giving value to get value
  • You better have a plan!  The idea that web 2.0 tech shouldn’t be planned is wrong.
  • 1/3 of the people in California are on Facebook — it’s where the small guys should advertise
  • Too many people have one morality at home and another at work.
  • A jobless recovery is not a recovery