Is there an alternative to Exchange?

Eweek reviews three groupware products: Group Where? Almost Anywhere

Are there alternatives to Exchange?

Yes… but the biggies (Domino and Groupwise) are no less expensive or demanding in terms of their server requirements. This review looks at three other products from the viewpoint of functionality and integration with Outlook.

Outlook? Yup. It’s one of the killer apps on the Microsoft desktop. Evolution and Thunderbird would like to be as good but, IMHO, they’re not. Evolution has an integrated calendar, but it doesn’t integrate nearly as well as Outlook’s. Thunderbird is still a first generation product and the calendar extension is buggy and prone to crashing.

Why would we be interested?

Exchange is expensive. There’s the Exchange server license fee, the Windows server license fee, and the per-user Client Access Licenses (CAL). Oh, and don’t forget the software assurance (SA) fee that allows covers upgrades during the SA period.

We’re sticking with Exchange for now, but keeping an eye on the horizon.