Too keyed in to technology

Here’s a slice of life moment that I watched while looking out the front window this morning, sipping coffee and contemplating a memo that needs writing.  There’s a man walking around and around a car parked in front of our house. He’s running his fingers across the tops of the windows and trying each door handle. Is he trying to steal the car?  It’s 9 AM and sunny and he looks frustrated and a bit ticked off, like a guy about to be late for work.  So, probably not.  Then I noticed he had a key fob in his hand and it was clear he was pressing a button on it over and over again.  My bet? The battery is dead.  What do you do when your car key fob is dead?  How about using the attached key?  I could see the dangling key from my window; he couldn’tt see it hanging from his hand.  He’s too used to opening the doors with the button to remember that (1) he has a key and (2) each door has a place in which to put it.  I guess it’s time to open the front door and offer a suggestion.

There’s probably a more general lesson here.