Top 5 Free Apps for Mac

The Mac App Store makes shopping for software fun.  Here are my picks for the top 5 free apps for the Mac.

  1. Caffeine:  Fading the screen to save power is a good idea, but sometimes you don’t want that to happen.  Caffeine keeps your screen awake with a single click.
  2. Text Wrangler:  A darn good text editor from the makers of BBedit.  I like it almost as much as UltraEdit.
  3. Ringer:  Take any song in iTunes and make it a ring tone. It uses a waveform view that makes it easy to pick out the right snippet.  Options allow fade-in and fade-out.  At the end, it drops the results right back into iTunes to be transferred to your phone.
  4. Stuffit Expander:  An easy to use toolbox for dealing with all of the file compression and archiving formats.
  5. MiroVideoConverter:  It converts video formats. It’s a lot easier to use than ffmpeg and gets pretty good results.

I’m always looking for things that make my computer easier to use. What apps do you recommend? What’s on your list?


*The apps were free when I downloaded them.  They may no longer be so.