Top Chef – Hooked on Reality

I need to admit it — I do watch reality shows.  I’m hooked on Top Chef and Top Chef Masters.  I want to eat the foods prepared by the "cheftestants". I root for my favorites and I boo the villains. Is that wrong?  Is it any different from "I’m a celebrity, get me out of here"?  Probably not.


In any case, it was sad to see Art Smith go last week.  It’s not that he’s a local boy made good. He’s cooking wasn’t up to the standard set by the other chefs, but I really want to eat at Table 52.  I think that his Mac’n’Cheese and Southern Fried Chicken could be a subliime delight on par with anything I’ve had at, say, Ambria.


I’m continuing to root for Rick Bayless.  I’ve waited two hours for a table at Frontera and felt it was worth it.  The couple of meals at Topo are memorable for the complexity of flavor but openness of the dish.  I don’t like food that has to be explained to me.


Looking forward to Wednesday night.