Turn by turn directions on the iPhone

Navigant and TomTom have both issued iPhone apps that provide turn-by-turn directions like their dedicated GPS devices. In today’s Wall Street Journal, TomTom says that the app won’t cannibalize their GPS device market, and I tend to agree. I’m not going to ditch my GPS for an iPhone app.

I have a Magellan on the dashboard of my car, and I think I’ll stick with a dedicated GPS device. The dedicated devices have brighter, larger screens.  They also work where there’s no 3G service.  As I’m driving through an unfamiliar city or out in the middle of nowhere at relatively high speeds, I don’t want to get lost because ATT’s 3G network has disappeared. 


The WSJ article also points out that the phone and navigation app can’t run at the same time, so if I call ahead for directions, I lose the real-time map of where I am.


I think I’ll wait until I can see what’s available for the Apple tablet.