Two Good Ideas

columbiaHighSchoolThe other day, I woke at 4AM from the looking for the classroom dream.  You know the one — You’re in a long corridor, looking in each door, trying to figure out what class you’re supposed to be in.  In this one, I remember running towards the building, sort of a cross between the central tower at my high school and a Gothic collegiate building.  As I went through the arched doors, there were corridors radiating off in front of me, with an empty information desk.  I didn’t have any notebooks, nothing to write with, and no clear idea of which class I needed to go to.  I just knew I needed to be somewhere and I was late. At least, in this particular dream, I was wearing pants.


When I woke up, I wondered why I had the dream at that time, then remembered that as I was running down the hallways, I was patting my pockets looking for my iPhone.  Didn’t have that in high school or college!  So, here’s the first good idea.  As they say, “There’s an app for that.”  An iPhone app that integrates into a schools course management system that knows where you are, what classes are there, and which you’re supposed to be in. In addition, it syncs your notes and assignments.  It’s also tied into the iPhone calendar.  It shouldn’t be too hard to create such an app, tied into Blackboard, Moodle, or one of the other LMS platforms.


The second idea is the first line for a story.  “Four AM is the time of the dark muse.”