Use me or use WIX? Should you Do IT Yourself?


Should you — a small business or understaffed non-profit — be building your own website? There are certainly a lot of do it yourself choices. There’s a discussion taking place on a LinkedIn group for WordPress developers on the topic “How do you compete with DIY drag and drop web builder sites?”.  Here’s what I had to say on that discussion.  

I have a couple of points to discuss with potential clients:

  1. Should you be working on your business or building a website?
  2. Are you trained in writing compelling sales and marketing copy? Do you know what a call to action is and when to use it?
  3. How long do you think it will take you to build a site on WIX (or whatever)? Really? Think more like 12-18 hours, because it’s iterative. Where are you going to find the time and what’s your time worth?

Does this make sense to you?   

3 Replies to “Use me or use WIX? Should you Do IT Yourself?”

  1. Very valid comments, and a common question.
    I think people would probably spend even longer and often end up with a poor or ‘abandoned’ website

  2. Hehe :-) I think the time factor is the best argument. Because after a while customer will find out that the website done with wix is not perfect and not as customisable as they might have thought.

  3. Absolutely agree. Unless you HAVE the time to mess with a DIY site PLUS the marketing chops, it’s best left to the experts — the people who’ve been trained in developing (+ designing and writing) websites that work. You can usually tell when a novice has done his own site. It’s crummy!

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