Vista Service Pack 2

Vista Service Pack 2 will not install on my Vaio.  It gets all the way to the end of Stage 3, finds an error, then reverts. I have to say that the reversion seems to work — but SP2 will not install.  I’ve been working with Microsoft on this.  So far, we’ve tried disabling all non-Microsoft apps and services, running the install in safe mode,  and removing all antivirus and security software.

Update1: I’m now waiting for the escalation engineer to finish examining the CBS logs and offer some more suggestions.

Update2: Please run scandisk twice. OK, done.  Same problem.

Update3: Uninstall antivirus. OK, done.  Same problem.

Update4: We’re sending you a CD with SP1.  Please run a repair install then try again.  –Waiting for the CD.