Vista SP2 and Hibernation, Solved!

Continuing the saga, Micrsosoft sent me a DVD of Vista Business (service pack 1) and instructed me to perform an in-place upgrade to revert the computer to a known quantity prior to installing service pack 2.  No matter what I did, the in-place upgrade wouldn’t run. It kept saying there wasn’t enough disk space.

Another consultation with Microsoft, and it turns out that the installer only looks at the partition marked as "active".  The active partition on the disk was the boot partition for Linux.  I marked "C" as the active partition and the installer started the install, but then bailed out because Microsoft Windows Power Shell was installed. It told me I had to remove Power Shell.  

OK, I did that.  No problem.  Then I thought that it might be the same thing interfering with Service Pack 2, so I tried the SP2 installation again. This time, it went straight through.  I now have a Vista system happily running SP2.

What about hibernation? That stopped working sometime ago, about the same time I installed a Linux partion.  It turns out that the same logic is used in the upgrade installer as in the hibernator (for lack of a better term). It wants to write its files to the active partition, not the root of the drive from which the operating system is booted.  With C now the active partition, hibernation is working, too.