Watch what Google does, not what it says.

Didn’t [Dr.] Eric Schmidt say that Google was not going to create Google Office? Hmmm… The Wall Street Journal just posted this: – Google Plans to Release Spreadsheet Application
Google Plans to Release
Spreadsheet Application
June 5, 2006 8:03 p.m.

SAN FRANCISCO — Google Inc. plans Tuesday to release a Web-based spreadsheet application, in a further foray into Microsoft Corp.’s traditional turf.

Google Spreadsheets follows Google’s March purchase of a company offering Web- based word processor Writely. The two free Web-based Google services overlap with Microsoft’s core Excel spreadsheet and Word word processing software. Google’s offerings highlight a nascent challenge to such traditional software applications by a range of Web-based services.

Writely, Google Calendar, Google Calc, Picassa. What do you think? Google Data in about 3 months?