Why should one have a blog?

In LinkedIn’s Answers section, someone asked why one should have a blog instead of a website. Given that they’re not mutually exclusive, I thought the question deserved an answer.

I’ve started a number of personal blogs but, frankly, I’m not that personally interesting. Therefore, my blogs tend towards topics that are more professionally interesting to me, with diversions into both personal passions and passing interests.

Someone wrote about monetizing. I’ve decided not to run ads on my blog. The monetization will come because the blog is yet another way to put my name out there and maybe drive some business my way.

Success factors?

  1. Make sure it’s visible — it can’t be successful it it can’t be found, so create sitemaps and submit them to the search engines, and promote it on other sites. Any entry on my site gets autoposted to Twitter and, from there to Facebook. Minutes later, the top 5 search engines are notified of a new post. Use your blog URL in your signature.
  2. Say something often. A blog with one post a month, or the newest post six months old, won’t attract any attention. Post on a schedule, if possible.
  3. Say something interesting, write well, and for goodness sakes, spell check!