Windows exec Valentine leaves Microsoft

CNET News is reporting that Brian Valentine has left Micrsosoft.

Brian Valentine, a 19-year Microsoft veteran and one of the key executives behind Windows Vista, has left the company.

Way back when, when beta tests were fairly exclusive affairs (hosted in private CompuServe forums), I was part of the Windows for Workgroups beta test. WFWG was the first version of Windows 3 with built-in networking. At the same time, Microsoft had rolled out a very early version of its server operating system, Microsoft Lan Manager. In a posting in the WFWG forum, I noted a problem I was having with Lan Manager and posted about my difficulty in getting support from Microsoft. Brian Valentine send me an email, asked a few pertinent questions, and sent a patched build of Lan Manager (all 32 diskettes, if I remember correctly) to me the next day via FedEx.

LanMan was Brian’s project and he insisted that his customers get the best.

Brian may have been part of the evil empire, but he was one of the good guys.